High Court & Magistrate’s Court Litigation

There are laws defining what cases and values of disputes can go to the various levels of court. Did you know that your case can go to the High Court if the value of your claim is greater than R400,000? Magistrate’s Courts hear the majority of cases in their early phases, and are sometimes referred to a provincial High Court if necessary.

Under South African law, a High Court must hear cases involving certain crimes that a District Magistrate’s Court might not have jurisdiction over. Appeals from cases in a Magistrate’s Court are also referred to a High Court. Divorce matters and civil claims are heard in either a Magistrate’s or High Court, depending on the value of the claim.

Our team is expert at defining which court your case should be referred to, building your case effectively and bringing it before a judge. Following correct procedures specific to the level of court being approached can be critical to the success of a case.

Malan & Mohale Attorneys can handle your Magistrate’s Court or High Court case professionally and with dedication. Our team has successfully taken on a number of cases in various levels of the courts that have been resolved in favour of our clients. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.