Insolvency Law

In an ideal world, every individual and business would have perpetually growing wealth. Unfortunately, liquidation and insolvency are realities that face many, and it is a daunting prospect.

The perception of insolvency and bankruptcy is a largely negative one; it does not need to be so, however. The law provides for insolvency, and if managed correctly, it is possible to turn liquidation into a legally positive move. Current legislation is designed to take the pressures of insolvency off of the client, and provide real, tangible solutions that enable all parties involved to move forward constructively.

Many individuals and companies who face insolvency simply do not have the right information or advice to make liquidation a positive and amicable process. Our attorneys are experienced in ensuring that insolvencies are handled competently, with clients offered the full range of protections that the law offers.

Malan & Mohale Attorneys is equipped to handle your insolvency case professionally and with dedication. We provide advice, arbitration and litigation services to individuals and businesses in financially constrained situations. For meaningful relief in an insolvency or liquidation case, feel free to contact us.