Local Government & Administration Law

What local government does affects us all – everyone in South Africa falls under the jurisdiction of a local governmental structure. In some cases, correct procedure is not always followed, and this has a negative effect on the citizens living in the affected region.

Our team is experienced in handling cases of improper conduct by local government structures. In particular, we take on cases of insufficient notice to the public or consultations about projects, local government and private sector disputes, or local government departments engaging in disputes with one another.

Holding the executive to account for their operations and decisions is a critical part of developing good governance and maintaining standards necessary for the upkeep of a high quality of life for citizens. Challenging unfair administration is an important part of the democratic process that can have major benefits for many.

Malan & Mohale Attorneys can handle your local government and administration law case professionally and with dedication. Our team has successfully taken on cases that have resulted in benefits for local populations and resolutions of disputes that affect large groups of citizens. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.