Property Investment

Investments in property are amongst the most secure in the current economic environment. While the value of the assets themselves will almost certainly increase over time, they also provide a source of income that can be a source of significant financial relief if managed properly.

Our team is experienced in managing property transfers for investment purposes (see our section on Conveyancing). We also provide advisory services, laying out your rights and responsibilities as an investor and what rights your possible tenants could have. We also advise you on the applicable laws relating to property ownership and legal transfers. Should you have disputes with tenants or require legal advice about various situations that can arise, we will be happy to assist.

While property investments are expensive in the short term, they can be a considerable boost to achieving prosperity in the longer term, particularly for retirement.

Malan & Mohale Attorneys can handle your property investments professionally and with dedication. Our team can advise you on the best approach for you, tailored to your needs, financial goals and current financial situation. To set up a consultation or to find out more about what we offer, feel free to contact us.